Eüoe – Landscapes

For Immediate Release:

American born Alex Gibson is an artist and producer that composes under the pseudonym Eüoe. He graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music and was awarded the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) award for production.

Gibson has been a part of composition and production teams that in total, have sold over 25 million albums worldwide and has composed music for Apple, Paramount, Nike, VH1, HBO, and Showtime.

Landscapes, the most recent release by Eüoe, is a collection of ambient, deep focus musical atmospheres to relax and inspire. Head over to Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite spot and dive in.


Discover the Road Episode 6: Alex Gibson – Working with Rock Stars, Developing Brands, and Creating Value


I had the privilege of being interviewed for Kirk Wheeler’s new Podcast/Site Discover the Road. Here’s a snippet from Kirk’s intro:

The week I spoke to Alex, he was in the middle of producing local artists, mixing a band from Russia, building a website for a venture capitalist, scoring a short film, and helping someone build a social media app.

I am really excited to have Alex on the podcast for two reasons:

– He has a deep passion for music and helping artists craft their vision to create the most authentic expression possible.
– He has been at the heart of a seismic shift in the musical economy and having seen both sides, is trying to imagine what come next.

Spending most of my time on the quiet side of the glass, I’m not used to being the one interviewed – however, I enjoyed sharing some of my story with Kirk about the path I started versus the path I’m currently on. I’ve already received some great emails from others taking chances at new, creative paths and the obstacles that lie ahead. Just like Kirk, I believe we add real value to the world by sharing our experiences and strategies for creating the most impactful lives for ourselves, our families, and others.

Kirk’s site and more info here. iTunes podcast link here.


Guided by Voices

Here’s the new video from one of my favorite bands, Echo Echo. I had a BLAST producing this album, and this song was one of the highlights. Distorted, space echo drums, uber fuzz guitar solo, an accordion duet, and a killer lead vocal?!! What more could you ask for?

Also, much of the footage from this video was shot at the famed Sound City Studios, and some of it was actually used in Dave Grohl’s documentary film about the studio.



Head Over Heels

It was incredible privilege and pleasure to make this album with TD Lind.
Here’s the new video for “Head Over Heals.”

I realize I’m 4 years late to this… But

I LOVE THIS. Was feeling like I missed the boat since it was released in 2008. However, it is NOWHERE to be found on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify. Dooce.com mentioned it today and I can only imagine how many downloads would have occurred, had it actually been available for purchase anywhere.

Letters of Note: Rolling Stones Hotel Rider

A great post from the fantastic site Letters of Note. This one features the Rolling Stones’ detailed instructions to the hotel about their preferred accommodations. I especially love their boring pseudonyms. Letters of Note: Keep Bill Wyman away from Keith



Dear Roland

Sorry I could not meet you. I had to leave at 10:00AM for Washington. However you will not have any trouble if you follow these notes.

1. I suggest you go to Vienna on the morning of June 22nd — to arrive in Vienna around 12:00 noon.

2. Go to the hotel first & tell them you would like to see the rooms the have blocked for you. I am enclosing copies of our correspondence.

    1. Try to place everyone on one floor.
    2. Must have at least one security man on each floor housing a musician.
    3. Callaghan should be next to Percy Thrower.
    4. Bender & Poweski near Arthur Ashe.
    5. Try to get large beds for everyone.
    6. Keep Bill Wyman away from Keith because of noise.
    7. Everyone gets rooms for single occupancy however the hotel should give us large rooms.
    8. Rooms specific other than singles are as follows:
    1. Patrick Moore (Ron Wood) must have large bed.
    2. Ollie Brown must have large bed.
    3. Arthur Ashe (Mick J.) must have deluxe suite with attached luggage room.
    4. James Burke (Billy Preston) gets a suite.
    5. Peter West (Charlie Watts) must have large bed.
    6. Security men must be near musicians.
    7. Peter Rudge must have large bed.
    8. Alan Dunn must have connecting door with Jennie-Collen-Smith.
    9. Percy Thrower (Keith Richard) gets a suite.
    10. Debbie Freis & Bill Zysblatt must have connecting rooms.
    11. Robin Day gets a suite.
    12. John Victor should be close to Percy Thrower.

Music for Mortals

I’m very proud and excited to announce the release of the new Stuart Davis album Music for Mortals. Some fantastic musicians played on this, including Joel Shearer, Blair Sinta, and Justin Meldal-Johnsen. Pick one up HERE.

You’ll love it.

Phase Fun in the Summertime

*** Update: the erroneous transfer below has since been removed for “copyright infringement” ***

I was importing some old CDs into iTunes yesterday and came across an anomaly on Sly and Family Stone’s Greatest hits. This one is for all you young, budding engineers. See if you can hear the error that was made on the original transfer to CD (top video) versus the correction that they made on later transfers.

Original Transfer (CD version)


Updated Transfer (someone, luckily heard the error and corrected it on later versions)


Interestingly enough, the *wrong* version has 420,000 MORE views!