Another Great Review

My friends and I call it the Hokey Pokey. It’s the convergence of great music AND great people, and it really is what it’s all about. It was a great pleasure making this album and it’s been just as enjoyable reading the reviews. It’s rare you hear someone say that, but it’s true. The response has been fantastic and I’m thrilled people are getting to listen to TD Lind (@tdlind). He is quite a story teller.

Lost and Found You

My latest project (a collaboration with Michelle Featherstone) is done! It’s a quirky, alternative pop thing meant to make you smile and dance all at once. As we were writing the tracks we wondered what the musical center of a Venn diagram featuring The Andrew Sisters, Robyn, and Jellyfish would sound like.

Head on over and hear the results!

In 2011

will i:i will

drink more (liquids:all)
maintain my spine:angle
have a conversation:with my son
listen:to more OR less carpenters
make no predictions:about excercise
contribute to:the future
cut handicap:in half
move:to a house with a usable yard
be inspired:inspire greatness
eat more (solids:all)


I just finished scoring a pilot written and directed by Stuart Davis for IFC. What a blast! I would LOVE to do more scoring next year.

Composition and production are such visual processes for me already, it seems like a natural transition/incorporation.

Now, let’s hope they like dark, esoteric comedies.