North Carolina

The Gibsons have officially moved from our lovely home in Los Angeles to North Carolina. We are thoroughly enjoying the green spaces, flowing rivers, friendly people, BBQ, grits, fishing, and all of the other things this wonderful state has to offer.

I remember coming to the mountains here every year as boy and have always had such vivid memories of the sights, tastes, and smells. We are looking forward to raising our two sons here and giving them the space and support they need to be boys.

We are currently basking in the rusty, fall tones that are convering the beautiful mountains in the West, but soon we will head East to settle down. We have not picked a specific location yet, but are drawn to the people and activities happening in Raleigh/Durham  (Yes Pittsboro, we hear you.)

The Raleigh area has such a blend of features that makes it special. The communities, the universities, the technology, the farming+food culture, all combined with Southern charm make it an incredibly magnetic place.

We are motivated to bring our unique blend of skills and experience with rock stars, network executives, philosophers, and news organizations to find new teams of creatives, innovators, and catalysts doing great work in the world.

Let’s do this!


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