This photo I took of the 1st Hole at Burlingame Country Club was recently used on the cover a national real estate magazine. What’s even cooler? I took it with my phone.


Head Over Heels

It was incredible privilege and pleasure to make this album with TD Lind.
Here’s the new video for “Head Over Heals.”


I added some new images to the album artwork collage created from projects I’ve worked on. I love it when artists consider their artwork+presentation a vital piece of the total art they are offering to fans. My friend Bryan Konietzko is a master at this. He doesn’t make many music albums, but his artwork is always a perfect match to the mood of his music.

There are also some updated links on the page, including a Vimeo page and a link to my work with Trivers Myers music. The Vimeo page has music I composed for some independent art projects and music from the first 2 seasons of the TV show Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll with Stuart Davis.

I’m off to Raleigh this weekend to make some new friends, find potential projects to be a part of, and keep this Carolina adventure rocking. If you’re around Tuesday night, stop by the Merry Mingle on Tuesday night and say hello.

Finally, spending some time in Western Carolina has given me a chance to get my hands dirty again and make some things without using a mouse. Here’s the new fire pit my dad and I have been working on. I think a hot tub is probably the next step.





A few projects I've been fortunate enough to work on.

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