Phase Fun in the Summertime

*** Update: the erroneous transfer below has since been removed for “copyright infringement” ***

I was importing some old CDs into iTunes yesterday and came across an anomaly on Sly and Family Stone’s Greatest hits. This one is for all you young, budding engineers. See if you can hear the error that was made on the original transfer to CD (top video) versus the correction that they made on later transfers.

Original Transfer (CD version)


Updated Transfer (someone, luckily heard the error and corrected it on later versions)


Interestingly enough, the *wrong* version has 420,000 MORE views!

LA Moonrise


I was inspired by Ice Cube’s love of the The Eames and LA Architecture to capture a classic California moment.

Moorise at the golf course.



* * * *

Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames

  • A great visualization of something that's difficult to express unless you been through it.
  • Day 3 w/o power | Trying to cool off at 11pm by wading in the pool in the dark without moving too much. Feels like a Terrence Malick scene.

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