Lost and Found You

My latest project (a collaboration with Michelle Featherstone) is done! It’s a quirky, alternative pop thing meant to make you smile and dance all at once. As we were writing the tracks we wondered what the musical center of a Venn diagram featuring The Andrew Sisters, Robyn, and Jellyfish would sound like.

Head on over and hear the results!



In 2011

will i:i will

drink more (liquids:all)
maintain my spine:angle
have a conversation:with my son
listen:to more OR less carpenters
make no predictions:about excercise
contribute to:the future
cut handicap:in half
move:to a house with a usable yard
be inspired:inspire greatness
eat more (solids:all)


I just finished scoring a pilot written and directed by Stuart Davis for IFC. What a blast! I would LOVE to do more scoring next year.

Composition and production are such visual processes for me already, it seems like a natural transition/incorporation.

Now, let’s hope they like dark, esoteric comedies.

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