I just finished scoring a pilot written and directed by Stuart Davis for IFC. What a blast! I would LOVE to do more scoring next year.

Composition and production are such visual processes for me already, it seems like a natural transition/incorporation.

Now, let’s hope they like dark, esoteric comedies.

¡Cuidado What You Sign!

With so many cameras in the studios these days, there are just as many waivers to be signed. While most of them are pretty harmless, watch out for the hidden nonsense. You might want to take an extra read through the next one to make sure you don’t get something ridiculous like I was handed last week. Note the highlighted sentence which includes their freedom to libel and slander me!

Some Rockstars

Spend their time and money on jewels, parties, and jets.  Some spend theirs at the ranch on horses, cattle, and sheep.

Bruce and I are hanging with the latter today.

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